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Brad taught at the Legends Golf Club for over 14 years. In 2012, Brad met up with Andy Plummer, who has trained dozens of PGA Tour Players. Plummer developed the Stack & Tilt system, which Brad as a highly trained Authorized Instructor uses as his training program.

Client Testimonials

Natalia V.
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Brad was AMAZING! I’m a beginner and was terrified that I wasn’t even going to hit the ball, but Brad was able to help me with the basics and had me hitting the ball 90% of the time. He was very kind and encouraging and also very knowledgeable! I highly recommend him. Wish I lived in FL so we could’ve continued our lessons!
Terry S.
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Golf instruction. I had never hit anything resembling a draw in my life. Five minutes into the lesson I was stripping draws and picked up 40 yards off the tree. I wish I could fit him in my golf bag and take him with me when I play!!
Michael M.
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Brad exhibits everything one would want in a golf instructor. He is knowledgeable, kind, and effective in his approach. I have sent several people who have thanked me endlessly for referring them to Brad. I will continue to send all my Naples/Ft Myers referrals to see Brad. He is truly one of the finest people and teaching professionals in the industry.
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Brad, this is Ilene. I’m aware you can never say “I’ve got it!” About golf because then it comes back and bites you in the a$$. I can only say that I have been consistently playing golf at a new level. And I believe I can sustain it. You are hand down the best teacher I’ve ever had. Thank you!!! Thank you!
Marilyn Smith-Hall
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After golfing for at least 10 years and always hitting my ball to the right, Brad was the only instructor who taught me how to hit the ball straight down the middle!!
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Hi Brad, unimaginable improvement in my ball striking employing the ridiculous hip sway drill. Two big buckets with driver, 6,8, pitch and sand wedge all went well. Slow smooth swing with the drill produced great results for me. Thanks much.
Jerilyn Harpster Kujala
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I personally can vouch for Brad’s lessons! He made a golfer and the added bonus, I love it! He is supportive and positive! ❤️
Steve S.
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After having my first lesson with Brad, I must say that I am extremely impressed with his professionalism and the quality of his work. Rather than remaking my swing, he carefully used video to point out the major issue and very quickly identified an approach to addressing it. Brad takes video and the difference in my body movement was astounding. Now it is up to me to ingrain the feeling. This might be the best 60 minutes I have ever spent with a golf instructor! Highly recommended.
Daniel R.
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Brad was great! He quickly identified strengths and areas for improvement using videos of my swing. He provided simple tips and drills to practice. He is knowledgeable, friendly, and encouraging.
Palma F.
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Great personality, very upbeat and professional! He was very patient and thorough with my first lesson, very encouraging too. Can't wait to continue my lessons!
Andre B.
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My first lesson ever and I learned a lot taking more lessons.
Cheryl B.
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My son enjoyed his first lesson and looks forward to many more.
Michael B.
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Professional, friendly, helpful

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